Wigs for disguising thinning hair

If your hair is thinning, you might be self-conscious and quite sure that everyone notices. (By the way: people probably don’t notice and even if they do, they still totally love you. Really.) As a gal with thinning hair myself, while I’m working with my doctor to regrow a thick head of hair (we started […]

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Featured Wig: Susan by Forever Young

The new Twilight movie Eclipse hits theaters in a few days and we thought it’d be fitting to launch our brand new blog and shop by showcasing our favorite vampiress wig–the Susan from Forever Young wigs. What is it that makes us love this one so? Susan offers 27″ of super soft, straight synthetic hair […]

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I’ve had my Forever Young Glitz wig for about three years now and wear it far more often than I probably should. Is it really appropriate to wear a pink bob to the grocery store, I ask you?

People compliment it all the time and ask if it’s my real hair (I’d never be that brave!) and where I got it. It’s held up remarkably well, and I’m thinking of ordering a new one in blue.

Bio: Wig-lover Jessica Zee runs the popular home office decor website